How do you price your services?

I offer two pricing models -- a pay-as-you-go per hour consultation fee or a fixed rate "package" based on the advice and services you need. During our initial consultation we can decide which model makes the most sense for your project and proceed accordingly. I don't begin work without providing you with a detailed budget and timeline so that pricing is always transparent and everyone knows what to expect.

I don’t know what my design style is or how to articulate it. should I still work with you?

Absolutely! Design on behalf of a client is an act of translation. My job is to listen attentively to you and bring my expertise to bear on the conversation, transforming your hopes, goals and impressions into concrete design solutions.

I trust my own taste and like making my own choices. Should I still work with you?

Yes, you are totally qualified to pick out your own sofa. Working with a designer can also be helpful for "big picture" planning like prioritizing remodeling projects, reconfiguring how space is used, researching and cost-comparing. Think of me as someone whose specialized knowledge, experience and resources are at your disposal to help you make smart, stepwise decisions quickly and efficiently.

How do we get started?


Email me to arrange your initial consultation. I will come to your home for a one hour meeting to see your space and hear your initial thoughts. I'll ask a number of detailed questions, take photographs, and discuss your budget and timeline. I'll then present to you a project proposal and estimate. The fee for this consultation is $150.00, which is credited back to you if we move forward on the proposed project.

how should I prepare for my first meeting with you?

Gather your sources of inspiration wherever you find them -- Pinterest, magazine tear sheets, paint swatches, a piece of furniture you love.  Anything you feel a connection to can be a starting point. Don't worry about whether it all works together or "makes sense"  --  your initial instincts provide me visual clues of what you're drawn to and how you'd like your home to feel.

what unique skills do you bring to the table?

I have worked in design disciplines for most of the past 25 years. Adaptability, communication and humor have pride of place in my tool kit. I am endlessly curious, love finding a way to make rooms look great without spending a ton of money, and have refined my process over time to confidently work with a wide variety of styles. 

what do you expect of me as a client?


Good communication and commitment are important, since some design decisions can't be readily altered once work is underway. It's important to put yourself in my hands (you're paying for my expertise!), but your habits, likes and dislikes, and hopes for your home are always at the center of the process. I am here to help you get there.